Whether you own your own home or another property such as a small business, you may already be aware of the many typical issues that can arise at a moment’s notice. Sometimes though, problems that may occur on your property are those that can sneak up on you. These are often the source of much larger headaches when it comes to dealing with them.

One such scenario can be found in mold infestations. Everyone is exposed to mold spores on a frequent basis, usually averaging around 200-500 spores in the air at any given time. In small amounts, they are just another innocuous part of our lives that we don’t often think about. 

However, when the conditions are right (usually as the result of excess moisture) these mold spores can take hold, usually in hard-to-see areas, and begin to spread. They can go unnoticed for quite a while before finally spreading to places where you’ll see them manifesting as minor discoloration or extremely darkened areas on surfaces of your property.

Mold infestations call for professional mold remediation, and when you’re in need of mold remediation as soon as possible, our team at United Water Restoration Group of Stamford is standing by to assist you in the area of Greenwich, Connecticut.


Seeking Mold Remediation in Greenwich, Connecticut?

You may be thinking to yourself that mold can be handled on your own. After all, as long as you handle the mold you can see, the mold you can’t see shouldn’t be a big problem, right? Not necessarily. Without proper mold remediation, handling mold at the surface level is the equivalent of a bandaid on a wound that needs stitches. 

Mold out of sight will continue to spread through your property, and before you know it you not only have a property-wide problem on your hands, you have opened the door to growing health risks including trouble breathing and potential illnesses.

Mold is nothing to trivialize, and hiring a professional mold remediation team isn’t only what’s best for your property and your health, it’s likely going to cost you less money in the long run than if you leave it untreated. 

An average mold remediation job can cost anywhere from $500 to $6,000. Caught early enough, and with insurance coverage, your out-of-pocket costs may not be much at all. But trying to ignore the problem could see costs get out of hand quickly. If your insurance provider has reason to believe that you knew of the issue but ignored it, the costs may be entirely out of your pocket.


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